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Peter has been at the cutting edge of jewellery design in the Western European tradition for over 40 years.  If you require a custom made piece of jewellery that will outlast, both in style and craftsmanship, all the cast Chinese products that fill the windows of chain store jewellers, please contact:

Peter Minturn Designer Jewellery Ltd

353 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

Phone: 09 377 2468


Peter has made jewellery for H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Ann, Lord and Lady Robens, Sir Paul Reeves, Elton John, Frankie Valley, and Michael Caine.


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Aquamarine - Ovals & Hearts ,Aquamarine - Square & Octagon ,Citrine, Spinel, Beryl And Morganite ,Ruby ,Emerald Ovals And Rounds ,Emerald Octagons, Squares and Trilliants ,Peridot, Garnet and Kornerupine ,Blue Sapphire Cushions and Pears ,Sapphire Blue Ovals And Rounds ,Sapphire Blue Squares, Octagons And Trilliants ,Sapphire Yellow, White, Green & Purple ,Sapphire Pink Cushions, Ovals And Rounds ,Sapphire Pink Octagons, Squares And Trilliants ,Tanzanite Ovals And Rounds ,Tanzanite Trilliants And Pears ,Tanzanite Cushions, Squares And Octagons ,Tourmaline Pink, Red And Gold ,Tourmaline Green And Chrome ,Topaz ,Zircon ,Opal, Sphene And Andalusite

If you are interested in a gemstone, we recommend that you contact your jeweller after you select a gemstone. 

If you need to you can contact us by email:  GEMS NZ